I-Go Robot: Lost in Space?

I’m excited to share a brand-new book with you called I-Go Robot by Gill McLean.

This is a very sweet and thought-provoking book with gorgeous illustrations.

Title: I-Go Robot Lost in Space?

Author: Gill McLean

Publishing: Windmill Books, August 15/22

Ages: 3-7 years

Opening Lines:

Deep in deepest space, there is a planet we rarely notice. I wouldn’t mention it at all if it wasn’t for the robots that I know are working there still.

Brief Summary:

I-Go, a little robot, works diligently on a space farm on a far off planet.

The People are no longer around, but since they promised to come back, I-Go believes they will. Unfortunately, his robot helpers don’t have the same faith and eventually refuse to help and then turn themselves off.

On his own now, I-Go builds more robots from the scrap heap. The new robots don’t do a good job around the farm, but when I-Go finds himself in trouble, his new friends all come to his rescue.

What I Thought:

This is a story about faith, friendship, perseverance and optimism.

I can imagine having lots of great conversations after reading this book with a classroom of kids, especially about the importance of caring for the planet, and the relationship between robots and humans.

The ending was very open-ended and uncertain, but I like that because it’s fun to speculate what’s going to happen.

I strongly recommend this sweet book for K-2 classes.

Thank you very much to NetGalley and Windmill Books for an advanced readers copy!

Suggested Book Activities:

Have a conversation as described above: The importance of caring for the planet, and the relationship between robots and humans.

This could be a great book to read to your class at the beginning of the school year, especially if you emphasize the importance of building strong friendships.

Extend the end of the story. What do you think happens next? Write a short story or draw a detailed picture with your ideas. This book is perfect for that!

Mary Catherine at Fun-A-Day has a great post with all sorts of engaging robot activities, such as tin can magnetic robots, playing with robot hardware (i.e., nuts and bolts), painting with gears, making a sensory jar robot and more!

Inventors of Tomorrow also has  detailed instructions for building a scribble-bot. How fun is that?

And because I have a thing about word searches, I’ve made one all about robots.



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