Brand New A to Z Beginning Sounds Clip Art

If you’re a teacher or a home-schooler I think you’ll really like this new set of clip art I made.

It’s beginning sounds for the letters of the alphabet, in both colour and black/white.

I had a black and white set that I made a year ago and finally got around to updating it with colour images.

I also improved on some of the older graphics.

If you decide to purchase them you’ll receive 2-3 images for each letter of the alphabet, 58 colour and 58 BW for a total of 116 images. You can see the clip art below.

Here’s a list of all the images:

A: acorn, ant, apple
B: butterfly, bat
C: cactus, cat
D: dog, donut
E: Easter egg, elephant, easel,
F: fish, flower
G: ghost, grapes
H: house, heart
I: igloo, inchworm, ice-cream
J: jar, jellyfish
K: kite, kettle
L: lightning, ladder
M: mitten, moon
N: nail, necklace
O: octopus, octagon, orange
P: penguin, pumpkin
Q: question, quilt, quarter
R: raccoon, rainbow
S: star, sun
T: turkey, tree
U: umbrella, unhappy, unicorn
V: vase, vest
W: whale, watermelon
X: x-ray, xylophone
Y: yolk, yo-yo
Z: zebra, zucchini

Also, there are two short vowel and one long vowel images for each of a, e, i, o and u.

If you’d like to see what the black and white versions look like just click on any image and look at the pdf preview in my store and you can see some samples there.

Thanks for reading!

You can see the Alphabet Clip Art here!



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