Ted Harrison Paintings

Inside: First graders paint like Ted Harrison.

Are you familiar with Ted Harrison’s art?

This very talented gentleman was born in England. He moved to Yukon, Canada and lived there from 1967 until 1993, at which time he relocated to our beautiful city of Victoria, B.C.

He is an artist, retired teacher (he taught for 30 years!), illustrator and author. He was even made a Member of the Order of Canada AND the Order of British Columbia, for his outstanding contributions to Canadian culture.

He’s one of my favourite artists and we have several prints of his in our house.

On Friday, my TOC (Teacher On Call, aka substitute teacher) had my class do some paintings in a Ted Harrison style.  They are absolutely stunning!! I’m so happy with them. Have a look:

Aren’t they gorgeous?


1.View and discuss Ted Harrison’s art.

2. Talk about the bright colours, the sky, the mountains, the buildings, and the wavy lines.

3. Model how to draw a collection of buildings on the board.

4. Give the kids 11×14 white paper and have them begin by drawing their own buildings.

5. Use pencil to draw the background lines and possibly sun.

6. Use tempera paints.

7. When dry, dip your finger in white paint add the snowflakes.

8. When that’s dry, outline all the shapes with a black Sharpie.

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  1. wow- what a great TOC! The last one I had was an old guy who did absolutely nothing with the kids- did not even do anything on my dayplan.Anyway! the paintings are beautiful!

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog…Very cute. I love the artwork you posted! I am now following your blog! Hopefully you'll stop by mine as well (-:I am new to blogging and I have become completely bonkers over it. I love how this social networking connects me with great people from all over the world! MichelleThe 3AM Teacherhttp://the3amteacher.blogspot.com/

  3. I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this post on my blog for art sub lessons. Was your sub a trained art teacher? These are amazing! janhttp://artsublessons.blogspot.com/2014/01/ted-harrison-paintings.html


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