Free, Easy Doubles Facts Math Game

Inside: Quick and easy game to practice doubles facts. 

We played a fun game in math today. It was to practice our doubles facts.

The beauty of it is that the kids made the WHOLE thing!

Yup, other than cutting paper I did VERY little.

You’ll have to ignore my goofy image. I was playing around with my new Comic Book app and couldn’t resist putting in that puff of cloud which has absolutely nothing to do with anything:)


  • 10 pieces of construction paper for each student (cut into smallish pieces)
  • dice
  • game pieces (we just used our little dinosaurs)
  • bingo chips for keeping score


  1. Print the doubles facts on the board
  2. Instruct the kids to print each double fact on their cards with the answer on the BACK
  3. Kids break into pairs
  4. Each pair has their own set of doubles fact cards, one die, a handful of counters
  5. Instruct the kiddos to place their cards in a circle (or actually any other shape they like, doesn’t really matter) as long as they’re placed with the number sentence up, answer down.
  6. Counters go in the middle
  7. First child rolls the die and moves that many places. He/she reads the doubles fact and solves. Then they turn over the card to see if they got the right answer.
  8. Right answer? Take one counter.  Wrong answer? Leave those counters alone (hee hee).
  9. Next player takes their turn.
  10. Just keep playing, going around in circles and collecting counters.
  11. Player with the most counters is, of course, the winner. Mind you, I never give them time to figure out who the winner is ’cause you know how that goes:)

Afterwards we took some time and discussed the strategies they used to solve the facts.

Hope you enjoy the game!


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