Bear Poem Freebie

Just did this for next week and thought you might like a copy:) It's a bit hard to see, but it's a poem called "Five Little Bears".

I've started adding some tutorials to Barbara Leyne Designs. If you've ever had problems with your sidebar dropping to the bottom of your blog, or you'd like to know how to add a linking signature when you leave a comment on someone's blog, or you're frustrated trying to figure out how to pin when you're on your iPad, then be sure to pop over and visit.

I'll be doing some more (I have a few ideas in mind), but if you have a specific request ... something that's been driving you crazy re blogging, give me a shout and hopefully I'll have the answer and can add that to my tutorials.

Hello from Benji and Max!


  1. Oh, I will definitely be checking out the tutorials. Benji and Max are adorable.

  2. Benji and Max are so cute together! Thanks for sharing the cute poem too.

  3. Cute poem! I know where to go now if I have any blog questions. :) Thanks for that!
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