Canada Books and Activities

I decided to check out Amazon and see if they had any great books about Canada for kids.

I came across these sweet books — a series by the author Per-Henrik Gurth. I am definitely going to be buying them! on the pic to see the series

And then I found this book, which is also going on my Amazon wish list. It’s a take-off on Goodnight Moon. book to see on Amazon

When we study the symbols of Canada, one of the activities I love to do is have the kids build their own inukshuks  (the “uk” rhymes with “shook”).

We go for a walk and collect several rocks each. Then they glue them together with the white drippy glue. The kids treasure their little rock sculptures.

Ours don’t look quite as grand as this fellow above, but they DO turn out very well.

The other activity I love having them do, is to illustrate our national anthem “O Canada”.

I print it out on chart paper and give each pair of students a line to interpret and illustrate. We have to do lots of talking about this beforehand, of course.

I play a CD of different versions of our anthem (there’s a rock version, country, French, etc) while they draw their pictures.

Then I tape the strips back together. It makes a beautiful display and is very meaningful to the kids. This would work with ANY anthem!


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  1. Happy Canada Day! Just got back from camping and hoping to check out some fireworks tonight!!I just added \”Goodnight Canada\” to my list of books to buy this summer… so cute! And I love the idea of illustrating the national anthem. It would be cute to see the ideas of \”Canada\” that first graders have!Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day!AmandaFirst Grade Garden


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