Canada Day Deely Bobbers!

When I wrote about my Free Canadian Symbols Unit, I promised I’d share Part 2 ~ our Canada Day Deely Bobbers.

So here they are!

Step One

I gave the kids maple leaf templates to cut out (these are big; you’ll need to reduce).

We ended up gluing white ones onto red construction paper and then recutting. I thought they needed the extra weight, but it turns out I was wrong.

Step Two

Add lots of glitter to the leaves.

Step Three

This is where I had to more or less take over. We needed to wrap half a red pipe cleaner around a pencil. It was important that it was wrapped fairly tightly.

Making Canada Day Deely Bobbers |

Step Four

This took a lot of trial and error, but we discovered that the leaves and pipe cleaners stayed upright if I attached the pipe cleaner to the plastic hairband right at the point where the pipe cleaner curls. Does that make sense?

Step Five

Once the pipe cleaners were in place I taped on the very glittery maple leaves.

Making Canada Day Deely Bobbers |

Step Six

Place deely bobbers on your head!

Making Canada Day Deely Bobbers |

The kids looked super cute wearing them, though I did have to bribe some of the boys with cake to get them to wear theirs. Haha! But it was the last day of school so they were all very good sports and agreed to wear them out the door

So that was my last look at them before the holidays … their sweet heads with their little leaves bobbing around 🙂


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