Canada Day Word Search Printable

Inside: You’ll find a free Canada Day word search.



For the last week and a half I’ve been guiding my 7-year-old grandson through his online school work. One of our word activities was to create a word search with the weekly study words.

We both really enjoyed making a puzzle for each other to solve.


Free Canada Day Word Search Printable for K-2


Since school is now over and Canada Day is almost upon us I was inspired to make him a Canadian themed word search.

It took him about 10 minutes to solve, at which point he announced, “Grandma, that was pretty easy.”

But he loved doing it! So I’m thinking it’s suitable for Grades 1 and 2 and maybe very keen kindergarten students.

In any case, it’s free. So why not download and try it out.

My plan is to make a new word search to post every Wednesday. I hope you come back for next week’s!


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