Pumpkin Life Cycle & Yummy Marshmallow Math

This week we’re learning about pumpkins.

First we read a book about pumpkins and then we watched a video (it’s a super cute video with accurate info and a song. My kids loved it!)

We also pretended we were pumpkin seeds growing into pumpkins, which was silly but memorable.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Booklets

Afterwards, the kids made pumpkin life cycle booklets.  For the cover of the booklet they traced a circle onto construction paper, cut out, decorated, then added a green stem.

The inside of the booklet was easy, too. I gave them a piece of paper with a circle sectioned into quarters. I drew the life cycle on the white board (with the class’s help) and then they did the same on their own sheets.

What Do Pumpkins Need?

If you’re looking for a “Pumpkins need…” sheet, just click the image below to see what I did last year.

Spooky Math Estimation

During math we estimated how many marshmallows would fit onto 3 different sized ghosts.

Then we counted to check our estimate and wrote the number in tens and ones.

It was hard work but lots of fun!

A BIG thanks to Jill from Mrs. T’s First Grade. If you click HERE you can grab the sheet.


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