Ocean Research & Lovely Llama

As we wrap up our ocean unit (and the year) I had the students do some research. This was so easy for me to organize and so enjoyable for the kids, that I thought it was worth sharing.

I gathered up all the ocean books I could find and the kids and I sorted them into creature categories. If we had two or more books per creature then that was an animal I let them research.

The kids broke off into groups based on their own interests and looked at books about octopuses, sea otters, fish, eels, sharks, dolphins and sea turtles.

After looking at the books I gave them each a blank booklet (2 blue legal-sized pieces of paper, folded and stapled). Their first job was to decorate the cover.


The next day they worked with their group to write, “I can ….” from the perspective of their animal.

They tried to fill their page with as many facts as possible.

The second day was “I have …”

and the third day was “I need …”

The kids did an amazing job! They learned lots about their animal and had the opportunity to help each other read, write and find facts.

I was very proud of them!

Next week I’m going to have each group present their information.

Earlier in the week we had a visit from this handsome fella.

Inca Warrior is a very gentle llama. He’s owned by the Grandpa of one of my students.

I put a llama treat in my mouth and received the softest llama kiss in return as Inca pulled the treat out from between my lips.

This lucky birthday boy got to sit on Inca.

Whoo hoo! My brag tags from Image Stuff arrived today and they are ridiculously CUTE!  You seriously need to check out their site and see what Kim can do for you. I am loving these tags and I know my next group of firsties is going to adore them, too. Thank you very much, Kim!


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  1. This is a great idea for an Ocean unit-I love how they worked with the non fictional texts! I teach oceans too and will have to remember this for next year. Also the brag tags are super cute. I may just cave and buy a kit for my class this year :)❤- StephanieFalling Into First


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