Back to School Poems for Primary Kids

Inside: Free Back-to-School poetry bundle!

Hi Friends! Here in Canada it’s September which means it’s back to school time!

I have a collection of 5 poems to share with you today, all of which have a fall or back-to-school theme.

Most of the poems are suitable for K-2 but the Names poem is probably great for Grade 3, as well! This poem would also pair really well with the well-known and loved Chrysanthemum book by Kevin Henkes.

BTW, I didn’t write any of the poems. I’ve collected them over the years and don’t know who the original poets are. But if you know, please leave a comment and I’ll happily give them the proper attribution.

I’ve listed the poems below, but if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can click on a link to download the whole package in a pdf file.

I decided not to include any clip art with these poems, because sometimes I think it’s nice for the kids to draw their own illustrations. You could even pair some of the poems with guided drawings, for example How to Draw a Bus, and How to Draw Maple Leaves.


I like school.
I read and work and play.
I like school.
I learn new things each day.
I like school.
I write, I sing and run.
I like school.
It’s great to have such fun.


The School Bus
Summer is over
Leaves are brown
The school bus goes
All over town
The kids are waiting
In the sun
They hop on the bus
Ready for fun!


The Leaves
The leaves are falling
From the trees
Yellow, brown, and red.
They patter softly
Like the rain~
One landed on my head!


One or Two
I like myself.
I like me fine.
I play by myself,
A lot of the time.
I like you, too.
I like you fine.
We play together
A lot of the time.
I play alone.
I play with you.
Fun can be had
By one or two!


Cheer for your name, let’s hear your name.
Say it with a shout!
Giggle your name and wiggle your name.
Really let it out!
Growl your name and howl your name.
Stretch it until it’s long!
Chant your name and pant your name.
Sing it like a song.
Clap your name and snap your name.
Announce it loud and clear!
Spell your name and yell your name.
Tell the world you’re here!

DOWNLOAD: Back-to-School Poetry


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