Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Countdown Freebies

Inside: Santa Claus and Christmas tree countdown freebie plus a link to some free Christmas paper


Hello Friends! I’ve written a few posts over the years where I’ve shared my Santa Claus countdown sheet, but this year’s is the best.

I made the Santa Claus myself this time so it’s nice and clear and crisp.

And I threw a Christmas tree into the mix, too!

Every year on the first day of December I like to give my kids a countdown sheet (same as an Advent calendar).

After they print the numbers 1 to 25 in the circles, they colour it however they please. BTW, this is GREAT practice for those pesky number reversals.

When the numbers are all printed correctly, they cut it out and then glue it onto a piece of coloured construction paper. Some years I make everyone choose from red or green, but other years I let them pick whichever colour they like.

Once it’s all glued and ready to go I hang them up somewhere in the room (at kid height). Then every day they glue a cotton ball (sparkly pom poms would look awesome, too) onto the appropriate number.

On the last day of school before Christmas break we usually just glue in the rest of the cotton balls, but sometimes I send them home with the cotton so they can finish it day by day.

Either way, they love it!

BTW, if you decide to use the tree instead of the Santa, I think colored pom poms OR stickers would look amazing!

And I also have some real-life pics of the Santa calendars you can see.


Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Countdown Freebies. I have 2 cute countdown to Christmas Advent calendars for you. Kids love printing their own numbers, coloring them and then adding cotton puffs or colored pom poms. #gradonederful #christmasfreebies #christmas #christmascountdowncalendar #santacountdowncalendar


DOWNLOAD: Free Santa and Christmas Tree Countdown Sheets

If you like freebies, and who doesn’t? I have a very cute Santa border and matching paper.

You might also be interested in the borders and paper clip art set it came from!


Super cute Christmas borders clip art. Perfect for jazzing up you Christmas letters, classroom sheets or teacher products! #gradeonederful #christmasclipart #christmasbordersclipart
Visit TpT to see my Christmas Borders Clip Art.


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