Free Optical Illusion Colouring Sheets

Inside: Free optical illusion colouring sheets.

Free Optical Illusion Coloring Sheets by Grade ONEderful
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I was looking around pinterest today and found these really cool optical illusions that Amy Allender did with her 3rd grade class.

She had her third graders draw their own lines and circles. There's no way my six year-olds could do that, so I made up my own grids for them to colour. I made two in black and white and then decided to colour them, also. Each grid is 6 inches square.
I had so much fun making the one with the circle that I made another with a heart. 

Free Optical Illusion Coloring Sheets by Grade ONEderful Designs

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  1. Those are neat! How is the illusion created (ie, how does it work)?

    1. Thanks, Erik! I made them in Adobe Illustrator and warped the heart and circle. I thought it was pretty cool, too:)

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