Musical Words

Do your kids love to get up and boogie around the classroom?


Then you’re going to LOVE this fun activity for practicing sight words.

I found this on The Reading Corner and instantly knew I HAD to try it. Thank you, Renee! (I would link to her blog if I could but sadly it no longer exists.)

Musical Words: A fun way to practice spelling sight words in Grade 1.

We did this activity three times last week and my class absolutely loved it.  So did I. It was just a fun, happy way to start our day.

Here’s my version … it’s super easy!

You need:

1. White boards and pens (but mini chalkboards or paper would work just as well)

2. Some happy music

3. A word wall


1. Everyone stands at their table with an empty white board in front of them.

2. I put on the you-can’t-help-but-dance-to-it music and the kids move and jive around
the room.

3. I pause the CD player and everyone finds a whiteboard and prints the word wall word I call out.

4. REPEAT as often as you have time for!

5. When we’re finished I have the kids go back to their own seats and we correct the boards together. If there are any mistakes then they need to fix them up before they can add a check mark.

Why I LOVE this activity:

1. It’s fun (guess I already said that)

2. The kids are getting some exercise (we have a provincial mandate to get the kids up and moving at least 15 minutes a day… this is in addition to morning and lunch recess play time)

3. It teaches the kids to use the word wall

4. It’s another way to practice spelling correctly

5. They get a double spelling-practice whammy with the “mark your own board” activity at the end

I hope you try it out!


19 thoughts on “Musical Words”

  1. I do this! I also use it for chunking words as we call them. For example, everyone writes \”came\”, music starts, kids move, when the music stops, the write a word that rhymes with \”came.\” When we're done, each child has a whiteboard of words with the same chunk or spelling pattern to read.


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