My First Day Back

Have you ever had your best laid plans blow up in your face?

Of course you have!  Especially if you're a teacher.

I was all planned for today and ready to make the cutest New Years booklets from Traci at Dragonflies in First.

I love this little unit. I did it last year and it was so cute.

I had a lot of photocopying to do so I got up extra early (which is no small feat, given the night owl habits I have) and got to school 40 minutes before the bell so I could get the penguin cuteness all ready.

Well guess what? The photocopier was BROKEN!!!

So I had to scrap my penguin plans and instead we made paper plate faces with our resolutions written on foolscap (is that a Canadian word only?  Not sure :)).

At lunch I drove to the Dollar Store and grabbed some party horns and this is what we came up with.

Not bad:)

Paper plate faces with talking bubbles and party horns

We also read this cute little book (not the best literature, that's for sure, but it was a fun intro to the lesson).

Happy New Year!

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  1. You would think having a vacation would make the copier happy and ensure it was running in top form!

  2. Your New Year's Resolutions turned out super cute! If teacher are anything, they are flexible and quick thinkers. Hate it when the copier breaks. It's always when you need it right NOW. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Very cute! Those broken copies sure do put a damper on our work.

  4. Things still turned out okay without the copier, but I know how frustrating that can be. As a kid I always like the more freedom with art projects--like the faces you did here.
    Kids Math Teacher

  5. Foolscap? Maybe it is a Canadian word. I don't think I've heard it before. Glad that things worked out for you, even though the copier didn't cooperate!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. No idea what Foolscap is. :) Our copier was broken too. That's one bad thing about Lucy Calkins Workshop, without paper there isn't much I can get done.

    The bulletin board looks great!

  7. Cute bulletin board! You made the best out of a bad situation. I hate when the copier doesn't work. I have no idea what foolscap it lol!

  8. Cute! I got to school on Monday with big plans to get started on new things and then 10 kids showed up. Grrr. Hard to start new info with 10 kids!

  9. I'd say the plates are just as cute! :-)


  10. GRRRRR..... copy machines! What a resourceful teacher! Great bulletin board. :)


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