Pattern Block Mat Freebies

Do you use pattern blocks?

I have a huge tub full of them and decided I wanted some mats for the kids to make some designs. They do a great job free-forming it, but I think it’s important for them to also follow puzzle images where they need to figure out the correct shape.

I went to my local teacher store for a book but couldn’t find one.

After a quick google search I came across this amazing site called Pre-Kinders!!

This generous person has a TON of free mats you can use.  Be sure to follow her terms and have fun!


7 thoughts on “Pattern Block Mat Freebies”

  1. My kids are so into these right now. I have mats that don't tell you what shapes to use when covering with the pattern blocks. Then the kids have to count how many of each of the blocks that were used and give the total. They are wonderful, but so old I don't know where they came from!Jenny


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