Would I Lie to You?

I\’ve been getting such a kick out of Latoya\’s linky party and reading everyone\’s crazy lies, that I thought I\’d join in the fun.

I\’ve listed two truths and one lie about myself.  Hmm…which one is the lie?

1. When I was a little girl, we had SIX dogs.

2. I was on a TV show called Romper Room.

3. I\’ve been married twice.

I\’ll let you know later in the week which is which:)

I\’m off to read some more truth / lie posts!  Be sure to link up ~ it\’s lots of fun (just click on the image).

15 thoughts on “Would I Lie to You?”

  1. Romper Room! Now that is a blast from the past:) I used to wish every day when she said those crazy rhymes that she would say my name. I am thinking that you've only been married once, the Romper Room I believe, the 6 dogs, not quite sure, so I'm going with the marriages.


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