Spoiler Alert: My Pay It Forward Goodies!

Do you remember Pay It Forward?

I'm not sure who started this lovely idea, but Jenny from Owl Things First participated in it and I was one of the lucky bloggers she "paid it forward" to.

What does this mean?

It means I received a package of goodies in the mail from Jenny. You can see it here.

I finally have my package together that I'm forwarding to Barbara from The Corner on Character, Kelly from I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher, and Eliana!

They are receiving some items representative of my Province of British Columbia.

They'll receive a collection of glossy Canada stickers for their class, a dolphin book marker, the fabulous book "A Salmon for Simon" (which I'll be blogging about on June 1st in conjunction with some other Canadian bloggers) AND a glitzy pen that doesn't have anything to do with BC, but I just thought it was SO pretty:)

I hope they love their stuff!

If you want to be part of this be sure to check out Barbara and Kelly because they'll each be looking for three people to pay it forward to. I don't think Eliana has a blog, but maybe she'll want to "advertise" on mine...that would probably work:)

Happy Saturday!


  1. Such beautiful stickers and book! Receiving that will be like Christmas in May! What fun!

  2. Excellent BC book choice. I will be reviewing a book from Nunavut - my 5 years there (20 years ago) was the best they could do to represent the territory!


  3. OK, I couldn't help but come by to check it out ... it will be like Christmas in May!! And you're blogging about the book on my birthday ... it was totally meant to be.

    I'm so excited for my chance to Pay It Forward from TX with love; thanks for the shout out. I'd LOVE for one of your readers to be one of my three! I'm already planning to whip up a batch of my hand-dipped turtles using TX pecans.

    Sending smiles and gratitude,


  4. They are going to love their package! Their classes will be so excited to receive the book and sticker. What a great way to keep learning exciting!
    Conversations in Literacy


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