Paint a Flower Poem


I have another Paint a Poem idea for you.

This time I’d thought I’d paint some very simple flowers, simple enough for young children to replicate.

This painting idea came from Dawn Nicole. It’s very easy, as you can see.

I’ll give you the directions below, but if you’d like even more detailed instructions, be sure to visit her site.


  1. Watercolor paper for everyone. If you’re a classroom teacher I suggest using a Canson mixed media spiral bound book that can be used as a year long Paint a Poem journal. 140 lb paper is best, but 98 lb will also work. These are cheap enough that I’m sure parents wouldn’t mind buying one for their kids.
  2. A round watercolor brush, size 14. Don’t worry if you don’t have one this big, just use whatever’s on hand.
  3. Watercolor paints. You could use tubes, liquid watercolor or pan paints.
  4. Black Micron pen (0.5) or a thin tip black Sharpie.

Paint a Flower Poem Directions:

  1. Use a round brush (larger is a bit better for this) and paint the bottom portion of a flower using an intense colour.
  2. Rinse your brush and using only water (not very much) drag the colour out into a flower shape. I would definitely demo this part for your kids and let them practice first.
  3. Repeat for as many flowers as you like.
  4. When everything is dry use a Micron pen (I used size 0.5) or a Sharpie to doodle in the stems, leaves and insides of the flower.
  5. Final step is to add a free-form poem or copy your favourite. I chose a very short quote by Rumi.

What is the heart?
A flower opening.

Paint a Poem is a great way to combine poetry with art. I hope you give it a try in your classroom or with your own kids.

This week my poem was a quote by Rumi, but I encourage you to also write your own like I did last week.

It’s even more fun if you do this weekly (or even twice a month) in a watercolour paper journal so your students have a beautiful collection of art and poems at the end of the year.

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Thanks for stopping by and happy painting!


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