Zentangle Christmas Coloring Pages


I've been busy making some zentangle Christmas coloring pages.

Eventually I'll be making a set of 12, which I'll sell, but for now you can grab 3 of the pages for free!

Three FREE beautiful zentangle Christmas colouring pages. Perfect for primary-age kids!

This set contains the three images you see above. Each picture is on its own separate page (8.5 x 11 inches).

All the images are made by me on Adobe Illustrator. This means they're vector images with beautiful crisp black lines. And each image is individually made for its own unique look.

I designed the zentangles with primary kids in mind. I didn't want them to be so complicated that they got tired of colouring, but I also wanted to add lots of interest.

If you download them, please be kind and leave a review in my store. It would really help out!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Zentangling!

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