Doubles Addition Printable

Inside: Doubles addition free printable.

I have a cute math freebie for you today.

Around this time of the year is when I usually begin doubles addition with my Grade 1 students.

This is a fun sheet for some extra practice.

Just cut out the dogs (I always tell my kids they don't have to cut on the lines for this kind of thing just so it doesn't take them forever!) and the bones.

Match them up and glue them into a math notebook, if you like.

If you're short on time, they could always just draw a line from the bone to the dog ... but I think first graders can always benefit with some extra scissors skills ... fine motor and all :)


Have fun!

PS  If you like the little Boston Terrier I have 3 sets of coloured and BW clipart HERE!  I have some black, red and cream-coloured terriers:) These are SUPER cute!

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