A Peek at Our Bat Week

We worked hard last week on our bat unit. After a few final touch-ups on our books … we’ll be done!

The kids wrote about one or two things they learned about bats and then glued their writing onto these sweet paper bag bats.

We read Stellaluna and compared bats to birds

We had a ton of delicious fun making chocolate pretzel bats. These were super easy in case you’d like to try them yourself. You place two mini pretzel twists on a plate (for the wings), then pour a spoonful of melted dark chocolate between the pretzels (for the bat body), then add a couple of mini M & Ms for the eyes. We put our bats in the fridge for a couple of hours to harden the chocolate. Afterwards the bats easily peeled right off the tinfoil.

During the process the kids wrote out a recipe. I listed the ingredients for them but they wrote the directions on their own!

Our district Aboriginal teacher, Sharlene, came in to our class and showed the kids how to use ovoids and u-shapes to make bats with a First Nations flavour!

Lastly, the kids spent an afternoon working on bat posters. Their job was to show in pictures (words were optional) what they had learned about what bats look like, their homes, food, enemies and babies. They ALL did a fabulous job!!  Afterwards, the kids stood up in front of the class and shared their work.

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