Easy Pastel Art

Do you like using pastels in your classroom?

I used to avoid them because they tend to be messy, but this year we’ve used them a fair bit and I’m starting to LOVE them.

The colours are just so vibrant and the pastels themselves are so soft and easy to work with.

I read my class this gorgeous book called Happy. I blogged about it earlier and suggested a couple of activities to be done with the book (you can find that post here).

After we read and talked about Happy, I had the kids turn and face each other. We remembered the different emotion words together as a class and I asked the kids to demonstrate that feeling with their faces only. They did a great job and had lots fun with it. There were tons of giggles:)

After we did that I had each child think of one emotion word that they were going to use in their own picture.

Everyone received a piece of black construction paper and some pastels and went to work creating their fish.

I walked around and asked which emotion their fish would be expressing and printed the word in pencil on their sheets.

And here’s what they came up with!  I just love them:)

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15 thoughts on “Easy Pastel Art”

  1. Your kids' art is great. Love the jealous fish. I just bought the newest book by the author (whose name escapes me at the moment – and I am way too lazy to get off my deck chair and go to my stack of books on my desk to find out) – Friends. It is monsters and fabulous. sandi

  2. Uhmm… did you know 8K is a LOT!?! inspiring…. but crazy!Love your kids' art! The one word thing is powerful.You and I need to look into some sleep inducing exercise or something. We should be putting off 4am evenings until summer!


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