Last Minute Gift Idea

Yay! Christmas holidays have started:)  If you have young kids at home and you're looking for an easy last minute gift your child can make, check these out!

The Santa is a Xmas card.  

You need:
* green paper
* red paper
* googly eyes
* scissors
* glue
* red, white, pink and black tempera paint
* a child's hand

Santa's beard is a handprint, of course and all the other dots of colour are just finger prints.

The ornaments are made of foam and came from Michaels. The kit was $6 (Canadian) and it makes 10 stockings, or was it 12? I can't quite remember now. But they'd be super easy to make with your own bits of coloured foam.

One of the Christmas activities we did last week were these adorable gingerbread houses. You definitely need to purchase this from Tangled Up in Teaching.

We started by reading the Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett.

Then the kids chose a selection of ornaments to colour and glue onto their little houses.

It was a fun, easy activity that also involved some graphing. And, dare I say, it took my kids quite a while to complete (most of the morning) so it's one of those perfect lessons during the last crazy week before Christmas.

If you'd like to make these sweet houses you'll need to buy it from Tangled Up in Teacher ($2.75).

May all your Christmas shopping be finished:)


  1. Very cute gingerbread houses for the gingerbread baby. I pinned it.


  2. I like how the graph was integrated into the lesson. I can see how it would be a great way to spend a morning the week before Christmas. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Ditto to what Annie said .... just AdOrAbLe!! Thanks for sharing these festive ideas.


  4. are those printouts available anywhere?

    1. You can get them from Tangled Up in Teaching. The link is in the post. Enjoy!


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