Remembrance Day in Canada

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Next Sunday is Remembrance Day in Canada.

Remembrance Day can be a complicated concept for young children. If you’re looking for some ways to explain this important day you may enjoy these 3 books that I always read to my class.

They’re perfectly suited for young children. The pictures are beautiful and the content is very gentle.

Books for Remembrance Day in K-3. #remembranceday #remembrancedaybooks #gradeonederful #remembrancedayforkids

A Poppy Is to Remember explains how the red poppy became Canada’s symbol of honouring all those who fought for our freedom.  With its beautiful illustrations and child-friendly text, it’s the perfect book for young students.

Books for Remembrance Day in K-3. #remembranceday #remembrancedaybooks #gradeonederful #remembrancedayforkids

What Does Peace Feel Like? by Vladimir Radunsky explores the 5 senses of peace. He asks children around the world to describe what peace means to them. It’s quite an unusual, but effective, way of looking at peace.

Books for Remembrance Day in K-3. #remembranceday #remembrancedaybooks #gradeonederful #remembrancedayforkids 

Can You Say Peace? by Karen Katz is a great book to read after What Does Peace Feel Like? Each page features a child from a different part of the world. The text follows this pattern: “Kenji lives in Japan. Kenji says heiwa (hey-way)” etc.

I also have a poetry Remembrance Day booklet I just finished.

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  1. We are doing peace activities this week. My favourite book is Todd Parr's The Peace Book. I have had What Does Peace Feel Like on my Chapters wish list for a couple of years. Should I take the plunge and buy it or try and be organized enough to get it from the library? I want to see your peace craft…sandirubberboots and elf shoes

  2. We are doing peace activities this week too! I have all three of the books you mentioned, as well as The Peace Book that Sandi mentioned above! We made poppy wreaths today and are doing some peace writing tomorrow! Have a lovely week, Barbara! :)AmandaFirst Grade Garden


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