Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum: Book Review and Activities

I'm teaming up with Susanna  for Perfect Picture Book Friday (Yay! It's back).  

I've chosen Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler.  

This book was first introduced to me by Jayne, from ABC's of Reading.  I bought it last summer and completely forgot to read it to my class!! But I found it yesterday and read it to my outgoing Grade 1s today and they LOVED it! This book is a TON of FUN. So here we go:


Author: Lisa Wheeler

Illustrator: Laura Huliska-Beith

Publisher: Little Brown & Co., 2004

Suitable for ages 4 to 9

Theme/Topics: Fiction, Animals, Cooperation, Problem Solving, Rhyming

Synopsis: There is bubble gum stuck on a hot hot road and toad is the first to succumb to its stickiness. He's quickly followed by a shrew, a bee and other hapless creatures. But wait! Here comes a truck! It's about to run them over. What do the animals do to escape certain disaster?

Opening: "Bubble gum, bubble gum, chewy-gooey bubble gum, Icky-sticky bubble gum Melting in the road. Along comes a toad ... A fine, fat toad, A fine, fat, wild -- SPLAT! -- wart-backed toad."

Why I like this book: The language is amazing. It's full of bouncy rhyme-y words that dance around your mouth. And it's FUNNY! But also, it lends itself to a fine talk about cooperation.

Links to resources:

1) Choral chant and drama activity from Jayne at ABC's of Reading.

2) Bubble gum sculpture (index card, toothpick) from eHow. Okay, I know this one sounds gross ... but think how crazy happy it would make your kids.

3) Bubble Gum Day guide (click the image for some writing, math, science and art ideas):

4) Rhyme Round-up (go through the book and collect all the delicious rhyming words)

Just so you know ... the largest bubble ever blown was 20 inches in diameter!

You can find more amazing books here:



  1. Cute! I will have to check it out!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  2. Love the cover illustration. And it looks fun to read. Ordering from the library. Thanks. (too tired for real sentences!)

    rubber boots and elf shoes

  3. Lisa Wheeler was recommended to my by a woman in my crit group this morning and here she is popping up on PPBF! I'll be looking for this one at our library. Thanks!

  4. Your're the best! Hugs and pink bubblegum kisses, Jayne

    1. Jayne,

      I emailed you a little while ago asking for the choral reading script for this story! We are doing a bubble gum day tomorrow and I would love to have this!

      Thanks in advance!

    2. Hi Jessica,
      The choral reading script can be found at http://abcsofreading.blogspot.ca/2011_04_08_archive.html
      You just need to click the link in #1 Resources to find it on Jayne's blog:)
      Hope that helps!

  5. I love learning about new books! Thank you for this one- it looks so cute and funny!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. This looks like such a fun, bouncy book. I hope all the critters get unstuck in time!

  7. I am so impressed but that opening stanza - fabulous composition of words, beat and sounds!

  8. That sounds like such a fun read-aloud! I'm so glad you're doing PPBF again.
    First Grade Found Me

  9. Barb, this looks like so much fun! I can't imagine a child not liking this book or these activities!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  10. Barb, love the cover on this book and the story. The look on that toad's face! What fun kids would have repeating the rhymes. I also enjoyed your activities.

  11. I love the sound of this book, so bouncy. Very colourful and fun. Kids will definately love this.

  12. Barbara, so glad to be back in your loop! :) This book looks terrific! Thanks so much for sharing. And I love any activity that is qualified with "think how crazy happy it will make your kids"! :)

  13. Love this Barbara!!! I've never heard of this book before, but I'm gonna have to get it. It would be perfect to read before my Bubble Gum Science experiment!

    Thanks for sharing,
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  14. Looks like a fun one. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to get a book and misplace. The beauty of books: They are always ready for you to read.

  15. Will have to check out this book since Icky Sticky Bubble Gum is one of our new songs this year.

  16. Sounds wonderful. Will have to read it. Thanks for reviewing it.

  17. That looks look a great book. Thanks for letting me know!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  18. I have read every Lisa Wheeler book that our library has. Her writing is spectacular. I haven't read this one and look forward to finding it! I'm sure I'll love it as much as I love her others!

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