Cornflake Leaves Poem

Before I get to the freebie, here’s my son and his new wife in a kabuki cab right after the wedding ceremony!

They got married on Saturday beside this pretty stone bridge. After the picture taking, their friend drove them through the park. There’s a bike in front that you can’t see. These are all the rage in Victoria, so it was a lot of fun.

As you can imagine my life has been crazy for the last week, so I haven’t really been blogging. School also starts for me a week today and now I’m doing the classroom set-up that I think everyone in North America has just about finished!

I almost always use this short but sweet poem at the beginning of the year. We combine it with a cornflake art project.

I don’t have a pic or sample of the art, so I made this on photoshop. It’s super easy!

Give the kids dark blue construction paper and show them how to paint a bare tree. It looks great in either dark brown or black. Then all they do is glue on cornflakes for the leaves.

Yes! They eat them, too. But that’s okay πŸ™‚

Click on the poem for your own copy.

Grade ONEderful: Painted tree on blue paper with cornflakes as leavesGrade ONEderful: Cornflake Leaves poem by John Newmark with leaf images


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  1. Barbara!I love the picture and how your son is looking at her while she is looking at the camera… sweet….good luck with your classoom set up. It will all get done!


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