5 FREE Valentine Poems

Hey Friends! I have 5 new Valentine poems to share with you today.

As far as I know the poems are part of the public domain, but if you happen to know the author please let me know and I’ll update this post.

I created some cute frames for the poems and put them all together into a pdf. Just download, print and share with your kiddos.

This first one, Valentine’s Day Song, is a very simple poem but I think it’s perfect for kindergarten. It’s meant to be sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. How cute is that?

This next one just made me laugh! I think it would be fun to challenge your kids to come up with some other ideas for what their “love would fill”.

I love these little countdown poems. And this one is extra special because you use a different child’s name for each of the valentines. I know when I was teaching Grade 1 my students LOVED to see their names written in a poem or story. So much fun!

A Valentine is a beautiful nature poem. It’s perfect for an imagery lesson.

This last poem is just cute and silly. Who doesn’t love a Love Bug?

I hope you enjoy these sweet poems and can use them in your classroom.

DOWNLOAD: 5 Valentine Poems

I have LOTS more Valentine freebies here. And by lots I mean 4 blog pages full! Please check them out and grab whatever you think you can use.

Happy February, Friends!


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