Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag Game: It's a Winner!

Inside: Description of a super fun tag game.

School just started for us here in Canada (this is just the second week) but I've already had several days of subbing.

I was filling in for a relief teacher which meant I had all sorts of different classes and different grades throughout the day.

We ended up reading lots of stories, playing some fun indoor games and having gym classes.

Today I want to share with you a "new to me" tag game.

It's called "Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag".

When I got home I looked it up online to see how popular it is. I got lots of hits but all the games I looked at were played much differently than the version the kids taught me.



A whole bunch of energetic kids who already know how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. I think this game would work with Grade 2s up to Grade 10, although I played it with a Grade 3/4 class.


  1. Ensure that everyone knows how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  2. Everyone is "It".
  3. On "go" the kids run around the gym or designated outdoor play area and try and tag each other.
  4. When one child has tagged another, both kids stop running and play a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The person (A) who loses the game sits down. The person (B) who won the game keeps running.
  5. A sits on the floor or grass and carefully watches B. As soon as B loses a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and sits down, then A can jump up again and play.
  6. If the teacher sees that there are too many kids sitting down he/she just yells, "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and everyone jumps back up and starts running around again.

Why I Recommend This Game:

  1. Every single child LOVED playing this tag game -- engagement was extremely high.
  2. There's a good balance of running and rest. Hardly anyone was sitting for very long.
  3. The kids who were sitting had to be alert (no daydreaming here) to know when it was their turn to jump back up,
  4. The game was fast moving with some great vibes -- no whining or complaining whatsoever!
I hope you give the game a try.

Next post will be about an indoor game the Grade 5 kids taught me.

PS  I'd LOVE to hear in the comments what your favourite gym game is!

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag game. A fun, fast-moving game for kids 7 to 15.

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