Fast, Easy, Extremely Cute Mother’s Day Gift & Card

Last week we went to Little Elf Garden Centre and the kids all received a marigold plant. I picked up some Dollar Store tin pots and three different acrylic paints.

The kids dotted the pots with their fingerprints, then when the paint was dry they used black sharpies to add details to the dots to change them into bugs, flowers and the sun.

This is what they came up with! Aren’t they adorable?  I have to admit though, I got the great idea from our kindergarten teacher at my school.

This morning we made our cards and they only took us an hour!

I used buff-coloured card stock folded in half. I called the kids over to my back table, one-by-one, and painted their hands with blue tempera for the bird body handprint.

While the blue paint was drying the kids used my fancy craft scissors (the ones that cut zig zag lines) to cut up pieces of brown paper bag. Those were glued on for the nest.

Then they added a little yellow paint for the beak and glued on a googly eye.

When everything was dry they printed:

I love you
And you love me
I’ll always be your chickadee!
Happy Mother’s Day!

I know it’s getting very close to Mother’s Day, but if you’re a last minute kind of guy or gal, these were seriously easy and relatively fast.

And if Dad likes to garden, this gift and card would also work for Father’s Day!

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