Zorro the Boston Terrier Accidentally Locked Out

When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time trying to convince my parents we needed a dog. We finally got one when I was 10 years old.

He was a beautiful Boston Terrier called Muggins and I loved that little guy with everything I had.

So when I was introduced to Zorro the Boston Terrier and saw that adorable face, I knew I was going to love him, too!

Title: Zorro the Boston Terrier Accidentally Locked Out

Authors: Paola Kay, Shawn P. Cooney

Illustrator: Wallok

Publishing: Self-Published, US, May 2023

Synopsis (from the Authors):

In this tale, Zorro accidentally gets locked out one night, needing to look for a place to stay warm and dry.

He ventures through the neighborhood and encounters adorable creatures who try to help him, each in unique ways.

Find out how his mishap ends in a night full of adventure and new friendships.

Opening Lines:

One cold evening, Zorro the Boston Terrier walked outside to say goodbye to his favorite little boy, James, who had been visiting. He carefully watched James getting buckled into the carseat. Zorro wagged his tail and wondered when James would come play with him again

Why I Love This Book:

Zorro the Boston Terrier is a gorgeous and charming book with an appealing and fun story line.

After he’s accidentally locked out of the house for the night he wanders through the neighbourhood looking for shelter.

He meets a cat, an owl, a goose, a mouse, some pigs, and finally a family of nutrias. I love how little Zorro is determined to find a warm safe place for the night and how all the animals are so sweet and helpful.

Zorro’s adventure is a lovely reminder of the importance of kindness, and of perseverance when faced with a problem.

The story itself is very well written and perfectly suited for children from 3 to 7.

The illustrations in this book are also gorgeous. They’re colourful and have a lovely warm vintage feel which really complements the story.

Story Extension Ideas

ONE: Create a story map showing the path Zorro took and all the animals he met.

TWO: Learn about Boston Terriers. Chewy has a great page with some wonderful pictures.

THREE: Watch this super cute video where the authors talk about their inspiration for the book, plus you can see the real Zorro!

FOUR: Talk about the way Zorro persevered and didn’t give up on his search for an overnight shelter. Ask your children/students if they can share and write about situations where they were strong and worked their way through a problem.

FIVE: Watch this video and learn how to draw your own cartoon-style Boston Terrier.

SIX: If your students need some doubles addition practice I have this cute practice page which happens to feature Boston Terriers!

I hope you enjoyed this book review and are intrigued enough to buy your own copy. The book is officially published in May, but if you follow the links you’ll be able to pledge some money and receive an early copy from KickStarter.

Not only will you have a wonderfully entertaining book, but the authors will donate a percentage of the proceeds to an organization called Paw Paw Boston Terriers, which rescues dogs from kill shelters in South Korea!

BTW, I also have some Boston Terrier clip art in my store you might be interested in. Here’s a peek:

Happy reading, friends!

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