What Do Pumpkins Need?

Part of our Grade 1 science curriculum is the needs of plants. I was trying to think of a way to jazz it up a bit this year and I came up with this.

I enlarged the image above (you can click it to grab) on our school photocopier to 11 by 14. Below each of the three pumpkins I asked the children print “sun”, “soil” and “water”.

I gave them small pieces of orange and yellow construction paper and had them rip or cut the paper into a sun shape, complete with rays.

For soil, the kids coloured a brown area with their felts, smeared on some glue stick, and we sprinkled on gold glitter (I was thinking about how sometimes compost is called “black gold”). And actually, I couldn’t find gold, so it’s multi-coloured glitter — ha ha!

For water, the kids met with me and sponge-painted blue onto their pumpkin shape.

Have a look!

I think they turned out pretty well:)


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