The Fire Station: Book Review

The Fire Station by Robert Munsch is my pick for this week’s Perfect Picture Book Friday, hosted by Susanna Hill.

The Fire Station by Robert Munsch: Book review.

Title: The Fire Station
Author: Robert Munsch
Illustrator: Michael Martchenko
Publisher: Firefly Books (Canada), Annick Press (US), 1983
Theme: Fire trucks, humour

Synopsis (from Indigo): “What child wouldn’t love to go for a ride on a fire truck? In this all-time favorite, two kids visit a fire station. While they are exploring a fire truck, an alarm sounds, and away they go to the rescue! In his inimitable way, Munsch turns the story into a hilarious romp that ends with the kids in the bath after helping to battle a fire that turned them all kinds of crazy colors.”


Michael and Sheila were walking down the street. As they passed the fire station, Sheila said, ‘Michael, let’s go ride a fire truck.’

Why I Like This Book: We just spent all week learning about fire safety, a valuable and serious topic. What better way to cap off the lessons than with a Robert Munsch story? This story doesn’t deal with fire safety; it’s all about being naughty and having fun. Kids love this book! It is full of colour, energy and a delightful cheekiness!

Links to Resources:

1. You can find a whole bunch of fire safety activities in a previous post.

2. There’s a super cute you tube video/song for 3 to 6 year olds:

3. Here’s another cool clip of different kinds of fire vehicles:

If you have some great fire safety sites to share,Β  I’d love for you to list them in your comments. Thanks!

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  1. Great, two selections for Fire Prevention week. This looks like a book kids would have great fun exploring. Who doesn't like a fire station and big trucks. Nice choice – nothing wrong with fun!!

  2. Thank you so much for having your great giveaway! I am so excited I won the Spinerama Math set! The Reading Teacher has already sent it to me. Thanks again!


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