Puppet Templates for Pig the Pug Books

Inside: Paper Bag Puppet templates for Pig the Pug books. Contains affiliate links.

Are you a fan of the Pig the Pug books?

I’m embarrassed to say that I only became aware of them earlier this year. I have no idea how I missed Pig and Trevor — two hilarious puppy pals.

Pig can be rude, obnoxious, greedy and lazy, but he always gets his comeuppance and generally redeems himself. Most of the humor is in the illustrations. Pig’s gross facial expressions and both dogs’ body language can be pretty funny.

The books are generally appropriate for ages 3-6, though sometimes the humor (which can be a little dark at times) feels like it might be appropriate for slightly older children.

The author, Aaron Blabey has written 9 humorous books in this series, with the latest one being a Halloween version called Pig the Monster. You can click each image to see the books on Amazon (affiliate links).

Here’s his first book in the series:

It’s hard to choose but I think Pig the Slob is my favourite:

If your kids like reading about Pig and Trevor’s goofy antics, then they’ll probably love following story time playing with Pig and Trevor paper bag puppets.

I just finished making this set and I think it’s particularly cute!

You can see more of the puppets on TPT (or click the image below).

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