Hey! Thanks for popping in. I'm so happy you're here :)  My name is Barb and I'm the face behind Grade ONEderful.  

If you've already had a peek around the blog then you know that I'm passionate about sharing lessons and ideas for primary teachers.

I'm a Canadian blogger and started blogging in 2011.  I don't anticipate quitting anytime soon because I think it's SO important for teachers to share their expertise with each other.

You should know that I have a TON OF FREEBIES. I don't, however, have a label called FREEBIES, because almost every post has something I'm giving away. So your best bet is to check out the other labels or do a SEARCH (it's in the sidebar AND up top) if you're looking for something specific. Or you could email me and ask :)   Barbara at GradeOnederful dot com

I also write a LOT OF CHILDREN'S BOOK REVIEWS! You can find these under the label KID LIT.  

The Kid Lit posts are very popular, as are the Poetry, ArtMath, and Math Freebies posts.

I have a Teachers Pay Teachers shop where I sell mostly social media icons, but also some cute clipart and papers.

And since I spend way too much time blogging I've put a few (hopefully not many) Adsense ads on my blog AND Amazon affiliate links.  I hope you don't mind, but honestly, it's lovely to be compensated a wee bit for all the hours that go into maintaining my blog.

I hope you have a lot of fun exploring my blog and don't be shy about leaving a comment.

Thanks for stopping by and have a ONEderful day!

Personal Stuff

I have a Masters in Education and I taught Kindergarten, Grade 1 or Grade 2 for  26 years. I retired in 2017 and I'm now a part-time TOC (Teacher-on-Call).

I'm crazy about dogs, painting, cycling and running.  I have one adorable spaniel mix AND at least 10 pairs of running shoes.

I'm married and have two grown sons. They're both married, too, and now we have a grandson and granddaughter!

Happy teaching, friends!