Free Back to School Word Search

Happy Back to School to everyone who started up again today.

That’s pretty much all the public schools here in Canada, and I believe a few American districts started up again today, too.

I have a free word search for you if you’re looking for an easy way to fill in a bit of time.

I remember the first week of our start-up was always a little chaotic. In my district we had our “old” classes for the first couple of days before the “new” kids came to us. So naturally most of what we did tended to be filler (but hopefully educational as well).

This word search is probably best suited for Grades 2 and 3, but of course you’re the best judge of that with your own students or children.


The pdf download also includes a colour answer key.

PS I also have lots more “back to school” freebies and ideas. Hopefully you’ll find something else you can use:

  1. Set of back to school poems
  2. My First Day poem
  3. Back to School picture book and a few ideas
  4. A round-up of my favourite back to school books (tried and tested over 27 years of teaching)
  5. 3 easy activities for the first few days of school
  6. Looking for a fun game to play outside or in the gym? This one is easy to learn and is perfect to introduce at the beginning of the year.
  7. 20 sure fire ways to get your students’ attention. We can all use some new ideas 🙂
  8. Here’s a free phonics game that might be perfect for your Ks or first graders.

Enjoy the word search and links, and have a great first week of school!

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