Bear Freebies from my Week

We’ve been hard at work on a bear unit.

We spent a week working on bear posters. The kids worked in groups of their choice to learn more about polar bears, panda bears, black bears or brown bears. First we graphed their favourite bears:

Then they spent a week gathering information and writing their sloppy copies:

Finally they turned out these glorious pieces!

You can grab your own copy of the template we used by clicking on the image below.

Here’s the cute poem we worked with last week (you can also click and grab).

We also made buttermilk biscuit bears. As you can imagine, this was a HUGE hit! And it was super easy. All I did was buy two packages of Pillsbury buttermilk biscuit dough and give everyone a chunk of dough (one pre-cut biscuit per child). I had to show some of the kids how to shape the bear, but most of them were in there like dirty shirts.

The only thing I would do differently is use M & M’s or smarties for the face. I used chocolate covered raisins and they didn’t work out all that well.

I took pictures of everyone holding their biscuit bear. So tomorrow the kids are going to glue their photos to a piece of paper and write about the baking process.

Click on the image to grab. There’s also a blank version for the stronger writers in your class.

Have a great week!

More bear ideas here!


12 thoughts on “Bear Freebies from my Week”

  1. Dear Barbara,

    What wonderful resources! and love the poem!
    We would love to print your Big Bear Poem in our textbook for Kindergarteners. Let me know how we can proceed with the permission for that.

    Looking forward

    • Hi Ashima!
      Glad you like the poem. I didn’t write it — just found it on the web and wasn’t able to find an author for it. So as far as I know you’d have permission for printing it in your textbook.
      Thanks for asking.


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