Adorable Penguin Puppet, 5 Free Penguin Poems and More!

Hello Penguin Fans!

I have a treat for you today: Five free penguin poems, a link to a wonderful penguin video, links to six amazing pages full of penguin facts and a link to my new penguin puppets.

Penguin Poems:

I’ve created a pdf with 5 different poems and a little picture to colour.

You can see them below.

Little penguin poem - free. I'm a little penguin white and black poem. Free. Penguins having fun poem. Free. In praise of penguins poem. Free.

Emperor penguins poem. Free.

Please remember when you grab these poems that they’re for personal/classroom use only. You may not put my pdf in your teacher products to sell.

BTW, I should mention that I didn’t write any of the poems but I did create the clip art for each one.


Penguin Video:

This is a top-notch video and is totally appropriate for kids ages 3 and up.

Penguin Facts:

I looked around the internet and found a few really wonderful sources of penguin facts. If you’re planning a penguin unit this is where you’ll want to start. Enjoy!

1. The World Wildlife Federation has Top 10 Facts about Emperor Penguins.

2. Science Kids has a list of fun penguin facts.

4. The National Geographic has a great page with lots of photos and more facts about emperor penguins.

5. Have you heard of African penguins? This page will tell you all about them.

6. Folly Farm has lots of info about the Macaroni penguin. They also have a penguin webcam so be sure to take the time to look around their site.

Penguin Puppets:

If you’re teaching a unit about penguins, you definitely want to buy my penguin puppets. They’re super easy to make and kids love them!

The pdf includes both colour and black/white versions. Plus, I also included a face without the black pupil. That way your kids can draw in their own black pupils so that each puppet has a different expression. So cute!

They’re only $2 so I hope you pop over to my store and get your own copy.


Penguin paper bag puppet

Penguin paper bag puppet


More Penguin Goodies:

I also have some free penguin calendar cards, and some free penguin clip art.


Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget these important dates:

National Penguin Awareness Day January 20, 2023

World Penguin Day April 25, 2023



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