8 Endearing Koala Books for Kids PLUS a Free Word Search

I’ve gathered a collection of some of the best koala books for kids that you’ll find. I have eight books altogether; a combination of fiction, semi-fiction and non-fiction. Let’s get started!


8 koala books. This is a mini book review of Rainbow the Koala by Remy Lai

Surviving the Wild: Rainbow the Koala
by Remy Laid
Henry Holt and Co., 2022
112 pages, 6-9 years

This is a very heartwarming story (in fact, I shed a couple of tears) about a baby koala called Rainbow, who has some very really struggles in his first year of life because of climate change and a devastating forest fire.

There are lots of interesting facts in this book and I really appreciated the part at the end called “The True Story Behind Rainbow’s Adventure”. His struggles were all based on a number of different events that happened during the 2019-20 bushfires in Australia.

The book is written in a graphic novel style, which I really like. It’s a charming, adventurous and tender story and is perfect for teaching young children about koalas and/or the effects of climate change.

8 koala books for kids. This is a mini book review of Joey: A Baby Koala and His Mother

Joey: A Baby Koala and His Mother
Photos and story by Nic Bishop
Scholastic Press, 2020
32 pages, 4-8 years

Joey is a fictional story told through some stunning wildlife imagery of two koalas, a sleepy mother and her not-so-sleepy baby.

The story itself is very simple and the big text and few words on each page make it ideal for beginner readers. The photos, as mentioned above, are gorgeous, so this is the kind of book you could spend a long time with. I loved looking at the close-ups of those cute faces.

At the end of the book is an author’s note that explains the koala’s life cycle.

Koala: A First Field Guide to the Cuddly Marsupial from Australia
written by Professor Chris Daniels
illustrated by Marianne Lock
Neon Squid, January 2023
32 pages, 5-8 years

This book is extremely well-written and laid out, and is the perfect text for learning all about this adorable marsupial. In addition to being chock-full of interesting facts it’s also aesthetically pleasing, with each page having a different coloured frame.

There are lots of charming illustrations including many close-ups. There are 13 different page spreads, with each one written like a separate chapter, including Meet the koala, Are koalas bears?, Meet the family, Attracting a mate, A joey’s life, Daily life, Threat to koalas and more. It also includes a table of content, glossary and index, making this the perfect book to teach children how non-fiction books work.

If you need a non-fiction book about koalas, this is definitely the one to get. If I was still teaching I’d buy this book in a heartbeat!

The Koala Who Could
written by Rachel Bright
illustrated by Jim Field
Scholastic Press, 2017
32 pages, 3-5 years

Kevin the Koala is stuck in a rut. He has his tree and his routines. Every day is exactly the same and he feels safe. Even though his friends try to encourage him to have fun and play with them on the ground, his answer is always no.

Until one day … his life is turned upside down!

This book is absolutely perfect for all those little ones who are afraid of change. It just might help give them the courage to try new things.

Don’t Call Me Bear
author/illustrator Aaron Blabey
Scholastic, 2018
24 pages, 3-8 years

This endearing book is all about Warren. He’s a koala, thank you very much, and is sick and tired of everyone calling him a bear.

It’s a funny story and is sure to make your kids laugh. The illustrations are expressive and colourful, and did I mention hilarious? … which shouldn’t be a big surprise because Aaron Blabey is also the author of Pig the Pug and Thelma the Unicorn!

This is a definite need-to-read if you’re learning about koala bears. Tee hee! Especially if some of your kiddos are still calling this fuzzy marsupial a bear.

Koala Lou
written by Mem Fox
illustrated by Pamela Lofts
Ian Drakeford Publishing Pty. Ltd., 1988
32 pages, 4-7 years

Koala Lou was first written over 30 years ago! But don’t let that stop you from reading it. This classic tale will continue to delight readers for years to come.

It’s a heart-warming story of a young koala who pines to hear her busy mother tell her once again, “Koala Lou, I do love you.” The book speaks to emotions, life’s longings, and a mother’s true love.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! I think they’ve been done in coloured pencil crayon and are both realistic and highly detailed. This book is a treasure.

Maud the Koala in Much Too Much Birthday
written/illustrated by J.E. Morris
Penguin Workshop, 2019
32 pages, 5-7 years

This is a sweet book featuring a young koala called Maud. In this book Maud learns through experience that sometimes birthdays can be overwhelming and that sensitive kids do best in very small groups.

The book is charming and engaging, with lovely bright colours. It’s a suitable story to read to a pre-schooler or kindergarten before experiencing their own birthday party.

Jimmy the Joey: The True Story of an Amazing Koala Rescue
written by Deborah Lee Rose
photographs by Susan Kelly
National Geographic Kids, 2013
32 pages, 3-5 years

Jimmy the Joey is another fabulous non-fiction book illustrated with photos from a koala hospital!

This is a true story about Jimmy, a rescued baby koala. It’s a beautiful book about how he was cared for and grew up with a loving human “family” before he was released back into the wild. This is definitely a must read!

I hope you enjoyed the book reviews and found something you like.

Time for a freebie. You can grab this cute koala word search (answer key included).


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