11 Fabulous Fire Safety Books for K-2

Fire Prevention Week is in October.

And while it seems a little early to write a blog post about it, I thought it would be a good idea to post now so that you have lots of time to gather up your books.

I always begin a new unit or theme with lots and lots of books. Most kids love to read or listen to stories, so this is a great way to review the same fire safety information in a slightly different format each time you read a new book.


The Forest of Fire by Erik Ohlsen was published in 2016. There are 34 pages. This book is best suited for 4-12 year olds.

The author is a certified permaculture designer and teacher so he really knows his stuff!

This rhyming text does a great job explaining the difference between carefully controlled fires and catastrophic wild fires. It’s full of wonderful information about forests and our ecosystems.

While it doesn’t help teach kids about fire safety at home, it’s an important book to include on your shelves, especially when North America and other parts of the world are experiencing more wildfires.

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Flash the Little Fire Engine by Pam Calvert was published in 2019. It’s 40 pages long and is aimed at 3-6 year olds.

This is a sweet story about a little fire engine who’s new on the job. He’s very excited to help out but as the story progresses he finds that he’s either too small or too late to be of much help. That is until there’s a fire in the town square that only Flash is equipped to handle.

This book provides lots of opportunities to talk about the equipment, trucks and personnel.

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Clifford the Firehouse Dog by Normal Birdwell is 32 pages long and is suitable for 4-8 year olds.

The Clifford books were written quite a few years ago, but they’ve definitely held their own. My own boys loved these books back in the 80’s and my Grade 1 students from just a couple of years ago were still enamored with Clifford.

Emily and Clifford go to the big city to visit Clifford’s brother, Nero, a firehouse dog. When the fire alarm goes off, naturally Clifford comes to the rescue and saves the day!

The illustrations are bright and engaging and at the end of the story there’s a page full of fire safety tips.

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Plan and Prepare by Charles Ghigna was published in 2017. It’s 23 pages long and is suitable for 3-8 year olds.

This book is a little different from the other books I’m recommending since it’s actually a sing-along picture book!

A page of sheet music is included, as well as access to online music.

This is a fun and happy way to learn the fire safety rules!

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Stop Drop and Roll by Margery Cuyler was published in 2001.  It’s 32 pages long and is best suited for 5-8 year olds.

This is a sweet book about a little girl who just can’t seem to stop worrying. And when she had to make a presentation in school during Fire Prevention Week her worries escalate even.

Happily, her fire-safety fears disappear once she realizes the importance of knowing what to do in an emergency.

Lots of fire safety tips are included!

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Fire! Fire! by Gail Gibbons was published in 1987.  It’s 40 pages long and is best suited for 4-8 year olds.

All of Gail Gibbons’ books are wonderful, and this one is no exception. So please don’t let the age of publication scare you away from this fabulous text.

In this non-fiction picture book you’ll learn how firefighters battle all sorts of different fires.

There are lots of fire safety tips and ways to prevent fires. It also includes a glossary of the various types of fire equipment.

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I Want To Be A Firefighter was published in 2018.  It’s 24 pages long and is best suited for 4-7 year olds.

What’s great about this book is all the pictures are actual photographs of firefighters and their equipment.

The writing is fairly simple as it’s meant to be a read-alone text for a Grade 1 or 2 student. But it’s perfectly suitable as a read-aloud for younger children and is another great way to review fire safety.

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No Dragons for Tea by Jean E. Pendziwol was published in 1999.  It’s 32 pages long and is best suited for 3-7 year olds.

This is a charming story about a little girl who meets a very friendly dragon. He’s so friendly, in fact, that she invites him home for tea. Unfortunately, when he sneezes he sets the table on fire.

Happily, the little girl knows how to handle the emergency and she also teaches the dragon what to do.

The entire text rhymes and the book ends with the Dragon’s Fire Safety poem.

I think this is one of the best fire safety books for kids as it’s amusing and entertaining while also teaching about fire safety.

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Big Frank’s Fire Truck by Leslie McGuire was published in 1996.  It’s 32 pages long and is best suited for 3-7 year olds.

Even though this book is over 20 years old there’s still lots of great information in it and happily, it even includes multiple ethnicities and women firefighters.

The pictures are realistic, brightly coloured, and kid friendly.

The story takes the reader through a 24-hour day in the life of a firefighter. Included are lots of details and information about equipment, types of fires, and ways to prevent fires.

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Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete by James Dean was published in 2018.  It’s 24 pages long and is best suited for 4-8 year olds.

Pete the Cat books have been very popular over the years. Pete’s such a cool and charming cat who’s hard to resist.

This story takes place in a firehouse when Pete and his classmates go on a field trip.

When the alarm rings for a real fire Pete gets to go along for the ride and help out.

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The True Story of Nick the Fire Dog by Timothy Dexter, Jr. was published in 2021.  This 24 page book is best suited for 2-6 year olds.

What’s so appealing about this lovely book is that it’s based on a true story about some New York firefighters who found a pitbull puppy abandoned and tied to a fire hydrant.

They rescued and adopted the little guy and now Nick travels around with them and helps teach children about fire safety!

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That’s it for the fire safety books. I hope you found one or two you can add to your collection!


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