G My Name is Girl: Book Review & Fun Activities

Of Dawn Masi, the author of G My Name is Girl, has found a wonderful way to combine girl power, global awareness, and powerful character traits all in one book.

I love this new book and I hope you do, too!

Read on for a review and lots of book extension ideas and downloads.

Title: G My Name is Girl

Author: Dawn Masi

Publishing: Doubleday Books for Young Readers, 2021

Ages: 3-7

Theme: Girls, Self-Esteem

Opening Lines:

A, my name is ALBA, and my sister’s name is AYELEN. We come from ARGENTINA, and we are ADVENTUROUS.


This is a unique alphabet book featuring girls from all around the world. We learn their names, where they are from, and their various character traits.

The book is full of beautiful illustrations created by the author.

Why I Like This Book:

There’s so much to love about this book, from the content, to the illustrations, to the global aspect.

I love that Ms. Masi has found a child-friendly way to reach out to girls from around the world in such a positive, empowering way.

I think the book would be best appreciated when read and discussed either in a classroom or with a parent. It’s not the sort of book you would rush through; it’s probably best to linger over a few pages a day.

Book-Related Activities:

1.Round up the names, countries and traits. Start an ABC table with letters down one side and “names”, “countries” and “traits” along the top.  If you’re in a classroom it would be great to do this on a couple of pieces of chart paper.

List the names from the book beside each letter. Of course, with “X” you’re going to have to take liberties and print names with “X” in them. Next, you probably want to add all the names from your class, boys and girls, if you like. Repeat with countries and traits. Now you have an organized collection of names, countries and traits that can be used with your own writing.

2. Write your own alphabet page. For example mine might be, “B, my name is Barbara and my friend’s name is Bev. We come from British Columbia and we are bold.”  Or my cousin Diane in Winnipeg might write, “D, my name is Diane and my sister’s name is Donna. We come from darling Winnipeg.”

However, it’s going to be hard to match up the city/province/state/country name, so either pop in an appropriate adjective or don’t even worry about it!

I have a writing template to share with you (download below). It will print two to a page and goes from A to Z.

A to Z Writing Template. Coordinates with the book G My Name Is Girl

3. Write an acrostic poem using the first letters of your name. Use the poem to describe your best characteristics, things you love, where you’re from, all that good stuff!

4. Put up a map of the world and find all the places mentioned. Then use my pdf to look at pictures of all the countries mentioned in the book. There’s one country for each letter of the alphabet. This is a great activity to project on your white board so everyone can see the gorgeous photos I gathered from Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash.

A to Z Countries. Power Point. Coordinates with the book G My Name Is Girl

5. Complete a word search using some of the character traits mentioned in the book. The download is below. You’ll get two versions: one with the girl pictures and one without.

Character Traits Word Search. Coordinates with the book G My Name Is Girl


I hope you check out this beautiful alphabet book and that my ideas and resources come in handy.


DOWNLOAD: G My Name is Girl A to Z WRITING


G My Name Is Girl book review and book extensions, including power point slides, writing booklet, word search

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


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