Kids Poems for Peace: Free Printables

Inside: 3 free poems about peace to use in your elementary classroom.

Since it's almost Remembrance Day I thought it would be useful to collect some peace-based poetry to share with you.

I found two lovely poems: one by Shel Silverstein and another by Moira Andrew. The third "poem" is actually a quote by Sri Chimnoy, but I think it's perfect to use, as well.

When you download the poems you'll receive two copies of each: one with a graphic and one without.

Hug O-War Poem by Shel Silverstein: Free Printable

Peace Poem by Sri Chimnoy: Free Printable

Poppies for Remembrance Poem by Moira Andrew: Free Printable

3 peace poems for young children. They're perfect to use for Remembrance Day.

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