Summery Watercolour Bookmarks

Inside: Cute summer bookmarks

Today I have a summer freebie for you.

I made up these four summery bookmarks with some watercolour paper I have.

4 free and beautiful summer bookmarks by Grade Onederful

Each bookmark is about 8 inches long and  2 inches wide.

You can click the image and grab them from Google Docs. It's a LARGE file and won't let you preview so just click "Download" and you're good to go.

I printed mine out on plain white paper, but they'd be even better printed on card stock. All you need to do is laminate (if you want them to last a little longer) and cut.

I haven't tried this, but they'd probably look super cool printed out on watercolour paper, too.

4 free and beautiful summer bookmarks

I hope you love them!

4 free and beautiful summer bookmarks

Thanks for stopping by.

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