100+ Delightful Books and Activities Kids Will Love

Inside: You will find links to more than 100 delightful picture books and activities kids and teachers will love.

If you're a long-time reader of Grade Onederful, then you'll know that writing picture book reviews is my favourite thing to do. 

Not only do I have a huge collection of my own picture books, but I also love going to the library and local bookstores to peruse their selections, too.

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When I was teaching full-time I would read a story to my class EVERY SINGLE DAY. And most of the time I followed up the stories with anything from a brief discussion to a full-blown lesson plan that might span a day or two.

Children love stories -- I love reading them -- so it was always a win win.

Whether you're a parent or teacher I'm sure I have some wonderful ideas for you on my Kit Lit page. I currently have 133 different books listed and almost all them have several activities to go along with the book.
The activities range from discussion topics, to writing templates, art ideas, related poetry, colouring pages and more! 
On my Kid Lit page  I have an alphabetized list of all the books I've reviewed. Just click on a book title you're interested in and it will take you directly to the blog post with the review and follow-up activities.

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And in case you're wondering, all the books are Amazon affiliate links: it's a way to help compensate for all the time that goes into the blog. So thank you very much if you've ever clicked through one of my links. I appreciate it!


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