April Poem for First Grade: Sweet and Simple

Inside: You’ll find a free printables for an April poem in both colour and black and white.

I have a lot of April poems up my sleeve, but I was looking for a new one to bring to my Wednesday Grade 1 class.

I was looking for sweet and simple.

Here’s what I found!

A free April poem printable. Perfect for K to 2. Includes colour and black/white versions. #aprilpoems #aprilpoemsforkids #gradeonederful
Isn’t it lovely?

And the colourful picture is from MyCuteGraphics.com.

In the freebie (you can download further down) I’ve included the version you see above, plus a black/white equivalent. This prints out on letter-sized paper and is perfect if your kids have a poetry duotang.

But I also created a colour and black/white version that works well if you have a poetry exercise book, as we do. Essentially it’s just a slightly smaller version of what you see above, but the poem and picture are meant to be cut out separately and then glued into the facing pages of an exercise book.

You know, now that I’m typing this I’m not even sure if they’re called exercise books in countries other than Canada. But I’m talking about these little books below. They come in half & half, plain or fully lined.

Hilroy Exercise Book 1/2 plain 1/2 ruled, 9-1/8


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