14 Days of Valentine Clip Art Freebies: Day 14

Valentine tags and arrows: Free

DAY 14 of Valentine Clipart brings you eight free Valentine tags in four bright and pretty colours!

Welcome to Day 14 of the Valentine Clipart Freebies.

These pretty little tags can be put to all sorts of use. I call them Valentine tags, but really, they can easily be used all year round. They could be used for planner stickers, for making bookmarks, as social media icons, for jazzing up worksheets and for party invites. All kinds of things!

The tags are just under two inches in size.  Same with the little arrows.

When you download these freebies you'll receive one folder containing 14 separate png files: Eight beautiful tags and six arrows.

TOU's: You're very welcome to use the tags on teacher products as long as you give me full credit.

If you DO grab the free Valentine tags, please either leave a comment or share them. I'm trying to grow my little business and sharing my blog posts would really help. So thank you, in advance!

And that's it! The 14 Days of Valentines Freebie extravaganza is over. I hope you enjoyed all the clipart and were able to put it to good use.

Free Valentine Clipart Tags by Grade ONEderful


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