14 Days of Valentine Clip Art Freebies: Day 11

Hey folks! Today I'm sharing two Valentine ladybugs.

Welcome to Day 11 of the Valentine Clipart Freebies!

FREE Valentine Ladybugs Clipart by Grade ONEderful Designs. This is Day 11 of 14 days of Valentine FREEBIES.

It's a little early for ladybugs, especially around here! We've just come out of a huge snow blizzard. Happily though, it started raining yesterday and now the roads are all very drivable.

While you're waiting for the real deal to arrive, be sure to download these free cuties.

Both Valentine ladybugs would look great on bookmarks, cards, games for kids, labels, frames, teacher products, invitations, you name it!

The ladybugs are both about 4 inches wide. Each image is a separate png file. This means they have transparent backgrounds which makes them perfect for layering.

TOU's: You're very welcome to use the ladybugs on teacher products as long as you give me full credit.

The only thing I ask is to please either leave a comment or share them. I'm trying to grow my little business and sharing my blog posts would really help. So thank you in advance!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Day 12!

FREE Valentine Ladybugs Clipart by Grade ONEderful. This is Day 11 of 14 days of Valentine FREEBIES.



  1. Thank you very much. I downloaded a few of the 14 days of free valentine's and I really appreciate them. I pinned all that I took. Most went into 2 different folders.

    1. That's great! Thanks so much for letting me know :)


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