14 Days of Valentine Clip Art Freebies: Day 9

Inside: Free Valentine dinosaur clip art


Free Valentine Dinosaur Clipart

Welcome to Day 9 of the Valentine clip art freebies.

I had lots of fun making this Valentine dinosaur clip art last night.

But I have to admit, every time I "took a step back" and looked at them I had a little giggle because their little tails reminded me of puppy tails! Definitely not your typical dinosaur tails, but I like them and they make me smile ... so hopefully they have the same effect on you!

The dinosaurs are about 13 1/2 inches tall. Kind of big, but better big than small because you can always reduce the size and still maintain the crispness of the image.

You'll receive 3 png files: The two dinos above with the hearts, and then each dino by itself.

TOU's: You're very welcome to use the cupcakes on teacher products as long as you give me full credit.

If you DO grab the dinosaurs, please either leave a comment or share them (share buttons are below and there's a hover pinterest button on each image). I'm trying to grow my blog and sharing my posts would really help. So thank you, in advance!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for some more goodies!

Free Valentine Dinosaur Clipart

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