Painting Mandalas: Free Template

Inside: Free mandala template

Hello! Today I have a mandala colouring page for you.

Painting mandalas. Free template.


I was inspired to make it because this week in my watercolour class we painted mandalas.

We started out by making an 8 part circular grid, laying a blank piece of paper on top of it, then drawing our repeating shapes using the grid underneath as a guide.

When that was finished we put our newly drawn mandala and watercolour paper on a lightbox and then traced the design onto the watercolour paper.

The next step was to trace over our pencil lines with a micron pen and then erase all the pencil lines.

It was a bit of a process but VERY relaxing.

Afterwards we were told to think of the mood we wanted to express and then choose the appropriate colours. I decided to go for a more serene look so I chose blue, magenta and shades of purple. We were instructed to paint each section fading from darker to light so that there’d be a feeling of movement.

Here’s the result:

Painting mandalas. Free template.

Thanks for stopping by and happy colouring and painting!


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  1. Thanks Janice! You made my morning 🙂 I forgot to say in my post to be sure to let each section dry before painting the one next to it and, if possible, watercolour paper is best. Have fun!


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