Brand New Panda Clipart!

A long long time ago I made some panda bear clipart. It was one of the very first sets I made. I thought it was cute enough to sell on TPT and apparently so did some other people, cause I've sold quite a few sets over the years.

But I've been looking at it for the last year thinking I HAVE to update it ... now that I know lots more about what I'm doing:)

Panda Bear Monthly Clipart Set by Grade Onederful Designs

As you can see, there are 12 cute colourful pandas, one for each month of the year. There's also a set of black and white images.

Each panda is about 9 inches tall, so plenty large enough to use in your classroom resources and products.

They're on sale for 50% off until tomorrow afternoon, so if you like, be sure to grab them now!

And please don't forget to read my TOUs so you know how they can be used (don't worry, the terms are pretty friendly).

Thanks for stopping by!

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